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Imagining The Evolution Of Real Alien Life

This is not to say that intelligence could not arise from plants or fungi– just that the development period for such would seem to be far longer than that already postulated for sealife in general, and so intelligence of too high a plant or fungi content would virtually always lose the survival competition on a given world to more robust and mobile animal forms, under most imaginable conditions.

Zeta Reticuli And Aliens

Since the 6th of October, 1995, several new planets orbiting other suns have been discovered and officially announced. However, in what may be a breakthrough for ufology, on the 20th of September, 1996, a planet was discovered orbiting the star Zeta 2 Reticuli.

Poor Hawking You Are Wrong!!

“Aliens may exist but contact would hurt”, said Hawking. Despite being one of the fan of Hawking, I refute his speculation. After writing tons of articles on alien life I can finally conclude that poor Hawking is wrong. Hawking says that such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach. But my contention with his argument is that why would aliens eradicate us? Perhaps they want food or want to steal our technology?

Will Contact With Aliens Affect Our Religions?

The physicist Enrico Fermi once suggested that “If aliens exist they would be here!” Given that alien life is more than likely we have to ask why aren’t they here?

One reason may be religion. Many sci-fi writers suggest one answer to the so called Fermi paradox, in which the advanced alien community has cordoned off the earth in a galactic nursery, until the time that we have reached an adequate stage, ready for contact.

Why Aliens Might Contact Us?

Maybe they merely want us as slaves? Or pets? Again, they could more easily and cheaply produce us at their own home planet for such purposes, than they could to come all the way here to capture us in large numbers fully grown, and then transport us back again.