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The Dinosaur Extinction Mysrery Reviewed

Surely ever since the first fossils of obviously extinct animals were found, humankind has wondered: “Why did they die?” A poignant question, for it has relevance to us — if extinct animals were wiped out by some catastrophe, couldn’t that just as easily happen to us? Could we be found as fossils someday, and would no one know why we died?

Cammy: Another Lake Monster

Some say there is a new monster in Canada living in a lake on Vancouver Island. John Kirk, cofounder of The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, say his org. Began cataloguing sighting reports of an odd creature in Cameron lake about five year ago when two people reported seeing a black animal in water. He proclaimed witnesses have been describing what looke like a lake monster. He added that British Columbia has more reputed lake monster than anywhere else. Kirk believe that the creature may be found and spent one day aboard, a boat searching lake.


“Scientists” claim that Indian ancestors wiped out not only all mammoths, but all other American megafauna as well in such a manner. In reality, the little bow which the image shows one caveman to have made out of a stick would be doing well to fire an arrow a little faster than he could throw it, and the arrow wouldn’t get past the mammoth’s fur and subcutaneous fat.