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Possibility Of Exotic Life on Jupiter’s Moon

Jupiter has so many moons which may possibly harbor exotic life including major candidates for exotic life Europa and Ganymede. Although Jupiter itself is suggested as to be capable of harboring jovian life. But today I read a article published on cosmology magazine which suggested that life could be possible on Jupiter’s moon Io.

Implications Of Self Replicating Machine

One of the tremendous advantages of interstellar probes over interstellar beacons in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is that probes may serve as cosmic “safety deposit boxes” for the cultural treasures of a long-perished civilization. The gold-anodized Voyager records are a primitive attempt to achieve just this sort of cultural immortality . Starfaring self-replicating machines should be especially capable of maintaining themselves against the disordering effects of long periods of time, hence SRS will be preferentially selected for survival over nonreproducing systems.

Uranium Is Not Future Energy Source[Part-3]

What will happen when we have no coal, no crude oil and almost no fossil fuel? Would our technological civilization die? Many advocates suggests uranium as a future energy source including Brian Wang of Next Big Future. However I find many implications which opposes the case of advocates. I’m not going to suggest alternative energy source right now as B.W. asks in his article [if nuclear fission is not the energy source of the future then weird science needs to compare and present what the alternative is that he supports], but be sure I will do it later with full analysis.

Fourth Spatial Dimension

Try to imagine a 4D hypercube as viewed from the fifth dimension. The shape will be static and unchanging, the hypercube is always a hypercube. Now imagine the shape representing a human being from birth to death as viewed from the fifth dimension. That “long undulating snake” imagery we’ve used really is a gross oversimplification – the complex web of atoms and molecules, water and energy, choices taken and not taken, and all the potential “worldlines” representing a single person is a vastly more complex shape than a simple hypercube. In both cases, that extra dimensional pattern casts a shadow into the third dimension which moves in specific ways: but a rotating hypercube casts a much more predictable and essentially unchanging shadow than the 3D shadow cast by a living and breathing human being!

Self Replicating Systems Could Make Space Colonization Easy

While terrestrial self-replicating systems may be limited for some time to coevolution with Earth-based industry constrained by normal economic factors, the prospect for extraterrestrial applications is quite different. The difficulty of surmounting the Earth’s gravitational potential makes it more efficient to consider sending information in preference to matter into space whenever possible. Once a small number of self-replicating facilities has been established in space, each able to feed upon nonterrestrial materials, further exports of mass from Earth will dwindle and eventually cease. The replicative feature is unique in its ability to grow, in situ, a vastly larger production facility than could reasonably be transported from Earth. Thus, the time required to organize extraordinarily large amounts of mass in space and to set up and perform various ambitious future missions can be greatly shortened by using a self-replicating factory that expands to the desired manufacturing capacity.